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AS preachers we must focus on bringing people to Jesus Christ! I preach under tents, in housing project auditoriums, on soft ball fields, parking lots, movie theaters and in sanctuaries.


In 1993 we converted a night club into a church, and hired former customers of that same night club to remodel the building and transform it for the work of ministry. Many times we baptized in borrowed pools and ponds located in the middle of fields. Mark it well... we must reach the world for Jesus Christ!




THE greatest work apostles can do is to stir up the gifts of men and women committed to serving God. Sound teaching grounds people and anchors them for building church ministries. However, we must not forget that preaching inspires, lifts and ignites people to be committed to God and have faith in the name of Jesus. The preaching ministry is central to our purpose and must not be left off for special occasions. What separates the church from the world is not music and motivational speeches... it is preaching.


MUSIC is of the Lord. Great music fills the heart with peace or moves the heart to warfare. I sing because I have a relationship with God that has to be celebrated. We glorify God with praise and worship songs that declare the person of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit.


Hymns, gospels and Bible based songs are unforgettable because they tell the stories we have in common; those of trial and triumph, victory and rejoicing.



THIS photo was taken during a revival meeting as the invitation to Jesus Christ and to revival of Christian commitment was being extended. Truly it was a powerful night of sharing the faith and seeing the miracle of salvation. I saved it over the years because it is a reflection of true innercity ministry. Adults and children are seen here saying yes to the Lord and accepting Him as their personal savior.







These photos are from our crusades. The commentary is by Bishop Young...in his own words.



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