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Bishop Young has preached and conducted leadershift meetings on four continents of the earth. He has ministry sons in the Philippines and Ghana  and Liberia.


We are planning the next Leadershift Liberia Conference and Crusade for this year.


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Without a doubt, attending The Women In Ministry Convergence was a season unlike any that I have ever experienced. It was a time of refreshing, spiritual growth, hearing from God in a direct way, and realizing the urgency for a spiritual paradigm shift in order to meet the needs and challenges of ministry in the 21st century. Powerful praise and worship, anointed speakers, informative classes, and fellowship with women of faith, empowered and encouraged us to eagerly seek God’s guidance as we advance to the next level in the pursuit of establishing the kingdom of God.


Novelette Seroyer

Opelika AL


"The summit was awesome. The speakers spoke to the current issues of the church and the final move of God. I too was set free to move rapidly in the call of God on my life for this last day. The wedding has already taken place, the reception is being prepared and the guests are being invited. I believe Bishop that you are one of God’s last day Apostles, who has been tasked with the assignment of getting the reception ready. I stand with you in that assignment."


Eugene Leonard, Sr.

Jackson, Georgia


Dr.  Young,you are the designer and contractor of a great segment of this Kingdom work and the Apostolic mantle that has fallen to you is no mistake. You, just as others have been, are groomed for this career and your destiny and the destinies of many men are tied to the success of this VISION. Each speaker was KEY because he or she has realized the importance of their input and the synergy required to function in a group such as this one. Bishop we are evolving into the Spiritual Kings and Priests we were meant to be. We are indeed returning to the garden experience: Walking and talking with God in a totally new environment.


After this Summit I think we will all have to look at ourselves in another light simply because you cast a large and long shadow underneath which we stand. I must admit that, after 29 years of preaching, fifteen years of Pastoring and thirty years of doing ministry work, I was nervous about this meeting and it made me more aware of our responsibility in the kingdom of God. I’m looking for the MANIFESTATION of HIS glory in this third day move of God and I’m also looking forward to walking in DOMINION over my inheritance.(Matt 5:5) I need to say also Bishop Young that you were very so awesome in your choice of speakers to set the sails. May God have his way in and with you and your staff.


Bishop Melvin A. Cartwright

West Point, GA




Greetings from the Philippines. I received your most welcome email and thank you so much for your cooperation in helping us through prayer. You know God is really good I kept busy in the ministry and many are received Jesus Christ as there personal savior. And I am thankful so much that God bless you in your new church , I and my family are always praying that  God will bless you in spiritual, material and in financial. We pray for the ministry you have that many will save and added in your new church.


At last, Peace With Be You Always!!!  and your response is highly appreciated.


Pastor Bert M. Senonis Sr.

The Philippines




I would highly recommend every Pastor or Leader to purchase Bishop Young’s book on Calling the House to Order.  I can guarantee you that your soul will be blessed beyond measures.  I would even recommend that you get in touch with Bishop Young and let him help you get God’s house in order according to the word of God.?


Arch Bishop Harris E. Clark

South Carolina



 I  recently attended your LeaderSHIFT class taught in the July Conference.  I can’t express how much I have noticed an increased desire for God since that class. LeaderSHIFT and listening to the CDs, The Church of our Day and Spiritual Warfare, has ignited something inside of me that I just can’t ignore. This was my first time attending the conference and  I was really blessed.


Torrii Y. Peoples




Let me tell you how impressed I was with the Apostolic Summit you put together. Your staff was kind and professional as well as supportive. I was blessed by the speakers and the quality of information they provided. The apostolic authority you move in is not only impressive but current.


I am convinced that the last move must be authentic in that it contains

former and latter rains.  Yet, it will be imperative that we stay fluid, as water is; to flow in the stream of God. This last move of God will be blowing us away soon, and I am convinced that you will be one at the helm. God is with you sir, and I know this full well.


Thank you for having me! I look forward to our kingdom advancing relationship...the Lord Bless you!!"


B Dwayne Hardin

Nashville TN



"I’m a pastor in San Diego, CA., that is engrained with what Bishop Sherman L. Young calls "20th Century Church Leadership thinkers."I was plagued with questions that needed answers to...

I needed to be equipped to “rightly” articulate the need for reformation from traditionalism to my congregation. Bishop Young’s books “THE ONE HOUR CHURCH” and “CALLING THE HOUSE TO ORDER” were the appropriate vehicles for me to inform the "nay-sayers" and transform my church."



Stephon P.Donaldson

Greater Joy Fellowship




Calvary Greetings!  I read one of your books titled "Calling The House To Order" ---a renewal in Church Government for the 21st Century. I was very impressed by all I read from it.  It has really built me up and has helped my ministry as well as my leadership program in my church of which I am the Senior Pastor. I hope to know you more, and to build a greater relationship with you after this..Thank You and God Bless.


John Green Carter

Senior Pastor--Living Waters Ministries  South Africa







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