About SLYM

Sherman L. Young is a native of Tuscaloosa, AL. He travels across the United States and to foreign countries full time, preaching the gospel and teaching 21st Century leadership and church development.

He is a featured in various church conventions and ministry conferences as a lecturer, preacher and conference facilitator. His ministry includes preaching throughout the USA, Ghana and Liberia of West Africa, Europe, Philippines and the Bahamas.

A prolific author, Dr. Young has written several books including:

  • Anointed for Greatness (Sermons on the Trials and Triumphs of Joseph),
  • Calling the House to Order (Church Government for the 21st Century),
  • The Order for Bishops, Overseers & Pastors (An Operations Manual),
  • Harvest International Ministries Church Administration Manual
  • Church Development Resource Guide
  • An Ethos to Live By and Other Sermons by Sherman L. Young
  • The One Hour Church (Time Management for the Church of the New Millennium)
  • The 21st Century Revolution
  • The Church Planting and Transitioning Manual (General Editor)
  • The Apostolic Reformation (General Editor)
  • Profiles in Transitional Churches for the New Millennium (General Editor)


He serves as  President and Provost of Harvest International Alliance of Ministries; a fellowship of pastors and church leaders. This organization focuses on leadership development, offering conferences and round-tables. Bishop Young has either planted or assisted in planting more than a dozen churches, and covers bishops and pastors and ministers.

Honored as a true voice to our generation, He is founder of Sherman L. Young Ministries, Inc., the Harvest International Alliance of Ministries and The TIMOTHY Network; a mentoring ministry for preachers submitted him as their spiritual father.  These organizations hosts workshops and conferences on Leadership Development, Church Administration, Church and Ministry Leaders Training and Developing Pastors’ Support Teams. He, and his wife Shelby, have three children and two grandchildren.


Thank you for what you’ve poured into me. Our worship/service today was just incredible! This was a day wherein the Spirit was so high that many hearts that usually wouldn’t shed tears couldn’t hold back. Deliverance and healing was certainly in the house. I’ve never witnessed in our service what we witnessed today. The blessings of the anointing that God has placed on you really did flow. My prayers are that God will continue to bless you above and beyond forever and forever.

Rev Billy Avery
Newnan GA

I thought the Affirmation service was great. Thank you for allowing me to be in the Prophetic Assembly. You are truly an anointed man. I am so excited for you and I am looking forward to seeing the great things God has for us. I pray God’s continuous blessings on you and your family. I pray for your strength, health and wealth.

Colletta Mathis
Conyers GA

Congratulations!  You are God’s anointed, and you’ve been appointed.  I salute you for your life of integrity, your ministry of fluency and your standard of transparency.  I am blessed to know you and to call you my friend.

Your Brother,
Bishop Brian Keith Williams
Columbus OH

Congratulations on your Affirmation service.  The work has long been in place and must be duly recognized. My prayers are that you will have a successful encounter with the Holy Spirit, and with your ministry family.

Bishop Ralph Dennis
Baltimore MD